2011. április 24., vasárnap

Slogan maker, szigorúan írásban.

Any questions? fucking with a horse is the right answer.

Strength, safety, style, fucking with a horse.

Don't play with fire, but play with pedobear.

mmmmh… pedobear.

Everyone should believe in pedobear.

Christmas time is Jesus Christ time. (:D)

eating women the flavor you can't forget.

eating women is good for the nerves. (valóban igaz, amennyiben közben csöndben vannak)

Be young, have fun, taste Kohn Jákob.

All you need is genocide.

Start the day right with genocide.

water corpse never sleeps. (:D)

a strong fart means friendship. (ezt a szituációt most elképzeltem)

When you say a strong fart you've said it all.

With a name like retarded americans ,it has to be good.

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